"I believe that relationships are like mirrors. As much as Alone With You is written about someone close to me, it’s also a self-portrait. While writing this song I had a lot of questions: how can two people feel lonely when they’re together? How do we bridge the distance between ourselves and loved ones? Are these questions for my loved ones, or for myself? Essentially, the song is about the nature of relationships, and about the feeling of loneliness in a situation where you really shouldn’t feel alone. That’s why I was considering a place like Times Square, one of the most congested and well-known places in the city. The reason I’m using it as a location in my video is for the visual metaphor of performing for a crowd of people and none of them really knowing or connecting with you, but still giving you money / streams / clout / whatever. I see a parallel between that type of situation, and being in a relationship without a true, genuine connection that feeds the soul."

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